Marketing Reports

Dear Sirs,

the Eagean Export Association has announced that the fig crop will be in total approx. 72.000 metric tons if the weather conditions stays normal.

Please find below the information given from the Eagean Export Association:

· This year’s fig crop is one week earlier compared to last year.

· In general the state of development in this Year's trees are good. Even though during the rain period from November to April it felt less than 500mm rain which caused in some regions a lower growth on the trees.

· At the beginning of the fruits ripening period the high temperature caused smaller figs.

· The lack of rain and the hot weather caused sun-burn.

· The quality is better though.

· There are less open mouth figs.

· Fusarium has not been observed so much like last year. ​ ​


The prediction of prices will be higher this year. For your further demands or special orders, please feel free to contact us anytime..